Re: Comodo Cloud AV Test Results & Reviews [Off topic splits]

Melih chants “Unknown” are not welcome :wink:

Comodo team doesn’t release beta :smiley:

And you get a broken product :stuck_out_tongue:

So much for default deny, sandbox, unknown, enemies, etc… ;D
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Hi yessnooo,
Some could easily take the above comments as being disrespectful to Comodo even with the smileys.
You could ask for your money back if you are not satisfied, hang on aren’t we discussing a free product?
Be thankful.


Hi captainsticks,

Melih says “Unknown” is not welcome - Melih is always right :slight_smile:
Comodo Team, Thank You for the extensive beta testing & involving us in shaping the product - We love you :slight_smile:
Comodo products are perfect products - How they do it? Amazing :slight_smile:
Innovative default deny - Nothing malicious gets through :slight_smile:
Free software - No one does that - We are eternally grateful :slight_smile:

Hope the post & smileys are not disrespectful

Thank You

Hi yessnooo,
No the smileys are not disrespectful, but the sarcasm maybe.
Please lighten up a bit and don’t let envy cloud your judgement.

Thank you.

envy??? Where did that come from???

Think about how it looks, aiming directly at Melih.
Anyway enough of this off topic discussion, please PM if further discussion on this matter is required.

Thank you.

Split the off topic discussion from the original topic to reduce clutter.

split the post into a “new topic”? why?

anyway, lets focus on what matter, right? ccav and cis 10 getting better and bigger, day after day…

Hi vitim,
I regarded the discussion above to be off topic, hence why the split.
If you disagree for some reason, please send a PM explaining why.
The original sticky topic is still available.
Comodo Cloud AV Test Results & Reviews