Re: COMODO Anti-Malware Database may reach 3 Million this Weekend

Thanks Xman, good advice. You are one of the good apples among the many, contrary to the evil one aka… you must know who I’m talking about. ;D

Peace. :a0

Whoa read reply 10 again first “My Dearest educated RejZoR” That is a “P” take for a start as come on at best it is condescending then it follows up with “Please RejZoR, I cannot wait for your answer.” Grin Wrongly or rightly I see that as spoiling for a argument. The smart thing would of been to ignore him but Rejzor replied but what made me think the whole thing is unfair (I don’t have any beef with Jaki or Rejzor.) Is that one person pushes somebody into a semi argument and then comes out of it smelling of roses now THAT is unfair.

Version do make difference. I did not know COMODO was an open source product and RejZoR had the code!!!
hahaha just making fun of you guys!!

It is all fair and good man. Bring them on.

Peace. >:-D

It all depend upon your interpretation of what the word semi means to you.

Peace in interesting time. >:-D

The only thing that I know is that I know nothing. You have read my mind ;D. Moreover, “La culture c’est ce qui reste apres avoir tout oublie i.e To be a cultured person means whatever is left in one’s mind after a person has forgotten everything.” — Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson a.k.a Madame de Pompadour.

Peace in interesting time. >:-D

Peace in ALL times would be better.

Please do not post items that could be considered deliberately inflammatory or confrontational.
Everyone’s entitled to an opinion.
You don’t have to agree with it.
Similarly, you don’t have to tell them you don’t.

Please consult with and conform to the forums terms and conditions.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Panic

I do not think you are right on this one; I really do not think that peace in interesting time is either inflammatory or confrontational. I just wish people could have some peace in good or interesting time. Also I weighted my words carefully, contrary to someone in this very forums and thread that uses the expression WTF, and you know what these abbreviations stand for, could be construed as provocatory as well.

Moreover, the word “interesting” based upon its meaning in the English lexicon does not violate Comodo forums rule at all. I cannot worry about how someone will interpret my words, since I’m not a politician. If I have to do that I will never be able to talk and express myself accordingly.

Nonetheless, since you are the moderator I shall say peace at all times; to me, the idea will still be the same irrespective of the choice of words.

Peace at all times. >:-D

Your posts are needlessly inflammatory of tone and intent. It is not about the words you use. You are focusing on words as means of deflection similar as you do with your flaming post to Rejzor.

From the forum policy par 8.2:

Hostile or derogatory messages directed to any person (flames), along with other posts written for the sole purpose of antagonizing others or starting an argument (flamebait), will be edited or removed at the moderators’ determination

Tell me what is so hostile about the word interesting. Who can claim to know someone real intention, unless you are God Himself. How in the world could you know my intention. Are you a psychic? Can you read my mind and my thoughts?. So my intentions in using the word interesting violate Comodo forums, this is utterly ludicrous. For someone to be found guilty of anything based upon his or her intention is Un-American. And if that is true, Comodo forums needs to revise its policy.

Peace at all times. >:-D

Even more is it OK to use the abbreviation WTF, knowing full well what it means without sounding inflammatory or violating Comodo forums rule 8.2? If you are a fair person or moderator tell me what WTF stands for? Someone in this very thread has used such an expression toward me and no moderator has corrected such a person in showing the forums rules that he violated by writing such an expression. Is there a good tone as well as intent in WTF?

Peace at all times. >:-D


This is NOT up for discussion. Please behave and stick to the forum policy, More so, Stick to the thread’s purpose.


So 3 million signatures :o :o Congrats to comodo I must say. I apologize but i’m still Avast :smiley:

Another million signatures and you’ll replace avast!? Deal? O0

I do not know what people are wild up about? What was for discussion anyway? All I’m asking is fairness. If I’m being hammered for using the word “interesting” moderators should behave the same way toward the person who used expressions such as: “WTF, Facepalm, I’m not a freakin moron etc”; and yet that person got a pass. If I’m not being showed fairness from the moderators, such a behavior in turn is a violation of Comodo forums rules that stipulate equal treatment as well as equal reprimand to forum members. All I’m asking, once more, is FAIRNESS.

Peace at all times. >:-D

Since this thread is going Off Topic, And Since Comodo Internet Security’s Malware database has now Reached 3.1 Million Signatures, I am going to go ahead and close this thread and re-open Melih’s Starting Thread Comodo AV database updating page.

I would advise Jaki to PM any moderator to have his requests answered appropriately.

Thread Closed.



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