Re: COMODO Anti-Malware Database may reach 3 Million this Weekend

One thing is when such tools are detected as such with a describing name (so you knw it’s a RAT tool) and another when they are detected as “Unclassified Malware”.
So to Jaki, if you have problems understanding what “i shoot from my mouth”, maybe you should start actually understanding what i write instead shooting nonsense from your mouth.

Well then call my bluff, explain to me in layman terms what did you mean by “harmless” and “stuff”. Come on, I’m waiting. Prove me wrong, even if you used MS Paint like you put it ;D. I don’t care.

Peace. >:-D


Guys, you’re kind of wasting your time. In layman terms, “harmless” is a completely relative term if you consider the multitude of network environments and the vast difference of user experience out there.
As an example, on my computer, I store a copy of sysinternals blue screen screen saver. No big deal so far, until CAV started to complain that it was some kid of nagging device (i forgot the exact wording as i put it on my exclude list). Well, to me it is harmless little stuff, if you like to call it that way. But nevertheless, I can imagine people who’ll get a heart attack (or contact a lawyer for whatever reason :P) if someone installs that screen saver without their knowledge and it surprisingly pops in with tons of open documents while they were getting a coffee.
It’s the same with other programs like key-generators or similar things. While on you’re private computer (or in your private network that is run under your responsibility) you’ll probably have them there for a reason, in a corporate network, things may look completely different.

Well, and “stuff” is just “stuff”. Like, in…well, “stuff”, you know?

So, if you’re annoyed that CIS flags things that you actually don’t consider dangerous, put them on your safe file list. They may be in the 3 million + signatures (have to get back to topic somehow… :wink: ) for reasons beyond our imagination. 8)

False positives might be just a minor inconvenience to technical users able to differentiate the bad from just what is flagged up as bad,but to an inexperienced or average user that tends to be cautious and block everything,they represent a major headache.

very much so. Hence why we worked very hard to mitigate all these FPs in ver 3.9.


Of course. But you also refused to fix a false positive(s) even though it was clearly a false detection.
It was a loader for some game so it can be used offline. It was not even a correct detection.
Unclassified Malware. So if you refuse to fix something, then tag it appropriately.
Like Application.Loader.Somegame, not Unclassifed Malware 88)

I wonder what Joke is. 88) This time (in 1121) it’s something called Joke.Win32.BadJoke.Renos.~Q.

It is a late April Fools day joke, of course. 88)

Did it’s a harmful jokes in Comodo database ?

Because some jokes are just kidding the user (:LGH).

Thanks. :wink: I’ve seen early April Fools day jokes… and they have all been bad jokes. 88)

I wonder, really, whether or not you have eyes to see and read. Melih clearly said that they worked very hard to mitigate all these false positives in version 3.9; and yet you still state that they refuse to correct a false positive(s) in the singular and plural. To me you are just an unknown specie, never seen or heard of before. Unbelievable.

Peace. >:-D

Hi Jaki, don’t walk the thin line in the forums on RejZoRs’ behalf, he really isn’t worth it IMHO he may have contributed constructively at times but not consistently in really attempting to be helpful in a mannered & respectful way so just steer clear and ignore any hindrance on his behalf, I know I have… :wink:
Xman 8)

You aren’t acting like you want peace. ;D

And he’s also acting like he knows everything, yet i see he knows nothing.
FP’s have nothing to do with program version so 3.8 or 3.9, makes no difference.
It’s a signature based false positive.

So RejZoR in your spare time you may want to start listing all the other AVs’ out there that don’t have any FPs’ whatsoever, shouldn’t take you too long since the list should be very very short, anything constructive you want to add now? Comodo is trying and working constantly to reduce FPs’ on their end have you got a brilliant idea somewhere that will help them to bring the FPs’ to 0? What’s your point here exactly? ???
Xman 8)

good to hear, thank you for confirming Andyman35.


I’ll run a full scan on all my drives this next week and inform you of any lingering FPs,you’re welcome.

Signature based and heuristics based FPs are entirely different issues.

Excellent… very helpful… thank you!


You hit the nail on its head. I could not have said it better.