Re: Bug in the boot CIS system does not load.

fernandoab, it has been brought to my attention that this is likely the same issue which has already been reported here. Please look over that bug report and let me know if the problem seems to be the same as what you are experiencing.


Appear to be the same bug. The symptoms seem the same. Just noticed a difference in COMODO Diagnostic, in the end appears to me an X in red and the message that some errors could not be corrected automatically.

On your computer does the error message occur right away, or does it sometimes take a few minutes, as mentioned in the other bug report?

It takes a few minutes.

In that case would you mind if I moved this report to Resolved, as apparently there was already one submitted for the same issue? This will make it easier on the devs.

However, please do respond to the other report and reply that you are experiencing the same problem except that your diagnostics does find errors. Please attach your diagnostics report to your reply and paste a download link to the Full Dump you made. I can then add those to the tracker for the devs.


Is it not possible to attach this report with that?
If not, what should I say? It was not clear to me.

This is absolutely not a mistake on your part. It is my fault. I should have realized that this was already reported.

If you like I can merge your first post with the other topic, as it contains all of the information. However, I would prefer to move the rest of it to Resolved as I do not want the other topic to become difficult to follow.

Does that sound okay to you?



I have split off the first post and will now move this to Resolved.

Thank you.