Re: "Alert reducing settings in CIS - why, how & when to use [v5.8]"

Thank you to mouse1 for providing this Alert reducing settings in CIS - why, how & when to use [v5.8]
very useful guide and I assure you my questions are not directed to you personally, but this line is just too funny.

New default firewall application rules that reduce alerts by allowing all outgoing connections

What? You mean no outbound protection, just like with Windows XP Firewall?

Will the next “leaktest”, with default settings of course, reveal a new “failure”?

While OA, Norton, Avast, and other firewalls get smarter, Comodo firewall gets turned off.
Is that really the best Comodo can do as a solution to improved “usability”? Turn it off by default and hope that the users least likely to want to or understand the need to change the setting will be secure?


Hi Guys,

Its not a bug. We have re-introduced “Allow All Outgoing Requests” rule in this release to remove outgoing firewall alerts if the user is installing the firewall and antivirus at the same time i.e. “Internet Secvurity” configuration.

If you need to resume the alerts, you can simply remove this rule or switch to another configuration.

Why did we re-introduce this?

According to your feedback in the last 10 months, we observed that outgoing firewall alerts are the main reason for uninstalling or shutting down CIS which in turn cause you to remain without an inbound protection as well as proper malware defense.

For advanced users such as yourself who would like to see the alerts, it is pretty easy to enable them with 4 clicks. So please remove “Allow All Outgoing Requests” rule if you would like to see the FW alerts again.


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