CCE autorun shows rdpclip - not found.

Googled & it seems it is important & should be there. And many people have also mentioned that autorun gives wrong info about rdpclip.

Is CCE autorun based on sysinternal autorun?

When I right click rdpclip entry in CCE autorun & click go to the location, it is there.

What CCE autorun shows about rdpclip on your system?

Any info & should it be there by default in system?

Win 7 64

CCE Autoruns is not based on Sysinternals Autoruns. More information on rdclip here: rdpclip.exe Windows process - What is it? . The file exists on my Win 7 SP1 x86 according to CCE Autoruns.

I didn’t deleted this. CCE autorun is showing not found. CCE autorun takes to registry location & its there.

But rdpclip is not there in windows or system 32.

To what location does the Autoruns entry point?

Assuming the file has to be present let Windows run system file checker. Open the command prompt → sfc /scannow → enter. Then see what happens.

Attached are the screenshots.

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Did system file checker bring back the file? Please do this first before continuing.

On my Win 7 SP1 x86 rdpclip.exe is in the system 32 folder and as such reported by Autoruns. See image. I let Windows search the Windows folder of my Vista x64 and it found rdpclip in the system32 folder.

Can anybody with a 64 bits version of Win 7 look for the rdpclip.exe and whether CCE Autoruns reports it or not.

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No system file checker didn’t bring back the file. Do I need to restart the system after sfc scan?

I tried searching rdpclip.exe but no result.

Can you show me the screenshot of system 32 with rdpclip.exe?

Edit - Checked restarting the system but the same.

The rdpclip is present in system 32 folder on my 32 bits Win 7 SP1 and my Vista x64 SP2.

The best way to know if it is meant to be present is to compare with another version of Win 7 x64. Otherwise we may be comparing apples and oranges. What specific version of Win 7 are you using? Home Premium?

Yes I am using Win 7 64 Home Premium with windows updates on automatic & fully updated.

I read somewhere this is related to remote desktop connection & my computer properties remote section shows remote connection enabled i.e check marks are present.

Is it related to startup? i.e msconfig - startup - I have only 1 CIS enabled i.e checked. I have uncheck all others as I found them not needed & anything related to rdp or remote connection is not there.

Anyone with above mentioned system plzz check & give info.