RC2 released [Locked]

I see the bug topic but would someone tell me where is the released link, I missed it somehow

It hasn’t been released yet. Soon though. :wink:

okay I’m not getting it, how could there be a bug topic on it already if its not released???, I guess its just a mistake, I see someone addresed that question in the topic, I’ll just wait

Maybe they were uploading it and they had unexepted problems with it and it got delayed?

!ot! Have anybody tried these betas with Windows 7? !ot!

It’s normal for the bug topics to be posted a couple hours before the release comes out. It will be here soon.

That could be a possible explanation. COMODO had a hardware failure earlier today.

I did. Surprised the AV was recognized by the security center, with a note the reporting format used is currently not supported in the new Win7 Security Center. (I say surprised because Vista Security Center does not recognize the AV).
The firewall is also not recognized with the new Win7 reporting format.

I notice that the site was down earlier for a while and I couldn’t get on.

Ok, RC2 released here:


Topic Locked. :slight_smile: