Rate CPF!?!?!

1 = VEry POor (:AGY)
2 = POor :SMLR
3 = Somewhat GooD (:CLP)
4 = OutStanding ProducT :■■■■
5 = FANTASTIC Product (R)

For a Hacker It is 1 :THNK
For a Normal Surfer it is 5 !!! :■■■■

Hi adsup, welcome to the forums.

I voted 5. CFP 2.4 is, without any doubt, a fantastic product.

Wait until you see CFP 3… it will ■■■■ you away when its released. :slight_smile:

Thanks, kail. Now that you mention it, I’ll have to rate it 4 to be more accurate now :D. In comparison with other firewalls I’ve used, it is a 5. In comparison with its current and full potential, it’s not perfect (as with anything).

Not really, I think another level (or two) will need to be added to the Poll when CFP 3 is released.

 6 = Unbelievably Good Product


Rubs my hands together in excitement

Something tells me that you’re preachin to the converted here, i’ll be a little surprised if the majority don’t score it as 5 (B)


A Robust Firewall that everyone should have !!! (:WIN)

Definitely 5 (J)

It gets a very strong 4 from me! Only a few details that keeps it from 5 (which v3 hopefuly takes care of). But please note, this is in comparation to perfectness, not other firewalls. Other firewalls would score 1 or 2 points here, and Comodo would score 5, if I didn’t think of perfectness :wink:


EDIT: the details, in my opinion, are e.g. the slow GUI startup when booting XP. Because of this it takes two minutes or so before I can even access the Internet. An other thing is DLL file injections into the browser; I think CPF doesn’t really remember that I want to block them - and then continue to surf the net. Luckily I don’t currently have any programs that make these injections.

I’ll give it a 4. If it weren’t for the difficult learning curve and OLE automation problem I would give it a 5, because of the excellent test results I’ve been running at Shield’s Up and those sites. They say my computer doesn’t exist. (:CLP)

I’ve started to recommend this Firewall and Boclean to friends and relatives, but because they don’t have my knowledge about computers and firewalls it also means I’ll have to install and configure it for them. (:TNG)

Yes! CFP is a fantastic product!



I can’t vote less than 5 until CPF is released (R)

Gotta give this Super version of CFP a 10 out of 5!!! (:WIN)

I am not aware how firewall works

but as of now i don’t got BSOD or restarts as i used to have in past. (NIS former User)

4 !!

I rate Comodo Firewall 5

Followed by Norton 360 4


and Outpost Firewall Pro 2

Windows Firewall 1 (:WIN)

You think pretty highly of Windows Firewall, GH. I would have rated it as 0 myself. ;D


PS: Welcome to the forums!

PPS: paulus, welcome to you as well! A good place to start learning about the firewall works is here:

I would have to give it a 5 or a 4 only reason is because there are some options i wish they could have in there but thats ok Comodo is one of the best firewalls I would recommend it to anyone who has a computer,

Norton 360 Sucks BTW. :smiley:

I will rate comodo as 5

I would rate 6 If it was possible but i have to go with 5.