Rarlab blocked by Firewall


Why is it blocked?

And in wich way I can read for a generic url the block reasons?


Ive just gone to get the latest version of winrar to find the main domain blocked by comodo but going to the downloads page is fine?

does anyone know why this is happening?


When I look at the Website filtering logs of CIS it tells me it is viewed as a malware site. You can add it to the Website filtering exclusions.

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everyone knows or has heard of winrar…surely theres no malware on the main page>? must be a FP

Isn’t the correct address www{.}rarlabs{.}com?

Edit: Nevermind both addresses point to the same record.

no, the correct url is www.rarlab.com , WinRar has an option on its menu to go to Rarlab’s site, on the WinRar interface its ‘Help > WinRAR Home page’ , hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’m also finding it blocked, I just disabled web filtering while I went to Rarlab’s site, then re-enabled when I was done, forgot about excluding there url, thanks for your help EricJH :-TU

Strange, neither are blocked for me with web filtering on.

What version of CIS are you using? I am using v8 beta.

Iam using the latest public version 7.0.317799.4142 and both pages (download page that isnt blocked) are the same if its rarlabs or rarlab… its just rarlab TLD thats blocked

as above when I open Winrar and choose “open home page” it opens at the blocked one…

Iam going to ask rarlabs

When I look at the Website filtering logs of CIS it tells me it is viewed as a malware site.

I can’t figure out how to get to the filtering logs (or any log for that matter). Is it possible through the GUI at all ? Or should I go to some folder in the file system ?

Hi SantiBailors,
View CIS Logs-Comodo Help
Website Filtering Logs-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

I have this from Rarlabs

> Hi

My comodo firewall is blocking your sister page rarlab.com saying it
is malware, I have approached comodo on their forums about it but
don’t want to seem to change things and only advise to add it too
whitelist and that rarlabs.com is the real site, think they may be worried rarlab.com is a fake?
Yet their firewall still allows us onto the rarlab.com/downloads


it is false alarm.

Please update your virus/malware signature and if it doesn’t help, please inform the support of your anti-virus/anti-malware software about this problem.

Best regards,
Gerhard Lühning at WinRAR-Support

win.rar GmbH
Marienstr. 12
10117 Berlin

www.win-rar.com (website)
support[at]win-rar.com (e-mail)

win.rar GmbH Berlin | HR B-Nr. 109885 B
Management: Öncül Kaya, Burak Canboy | Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

so looks like comodo need to whitelist it?

Thanks captainsticks, I found the logs.

Rookie question, is this kind of blocks a result of Comodo scanning some files found in the webpage and detecting infections / malware code in them, or is the blocking based on the webpage address alone ?

Hi SantiBailors,

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Got it, thanks.
So I’m wondering, did Comodo add rarlab.com to the malware list by mistake, or did they have reasons to do so ? This would be a useful thing to know before manually adding that URL to the filtering exclusions.

Hi SantiBailors,
I can’t answer that, but I will contact Staff and see if I can find out more information. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

thanks CaptainSticks, just it would be best if they whitelisted it via an update as this could cause issues for others trying to access a legit website.

I can’t for my life get Website filtering to do anything really.

http://www.rarlab.com/ is blocked and no matter how I try to add it, it’s still blocked.

The only way I get it working is my disabling Website Filtering completely. Bummer.

Can someone walk me through it?

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Hi Muyfa666,
Under the ‘Categories’ tab of the website filtering settings, right click the exclusions category and select ‘Add Website’.
Add www.rarlab.com and select OK, then select OK again to close the advanced settings screen.

Kind regards.