I have Comodo 6 installed BB setting fully virtualized all other setting at max. but even at stock settings can Comodo stop Ransomware from a. encrypting files or b. locking the system?? Cybercriminals have now realised they can make money so they are making it more and more Convincing…

IIRC as long as the sandbox is set to other then part limited its OK when it comes to ransomware. Please correct me if wrong.

Chiron says that to protect from ransomware you should set the sandbox to restricted. Setting the sandbox to fully virtualized will certainly stop ransomware. Hope this helps.

Actually, in terms of ransomware even Limited is enough. Restricted was to protect from another type of rare malware.

Ok. My bad. Thanks Chiron. :slight_smile:

No worries. ;D

up to now AFAIK (also plz correct if wrong) fully virtual sandbox offers the greatest protection/functionality from all malware
I personally have not seen it fail and have thrown a lot at it, you do find malware “leftovers” but nothing that can auto start/damage the system

That’s great, thanks for all the info I have the BB setting Fully Virtualized. All of you Have a GREAT New Year 2013!!! Oh, I thought the world ended on 26th December 2012 :slight_smile:

Tony. ;D