Random sounds being played

       Hello once again! I'm not really sure if this topic should go here as i have read before that the computer will make certain sounds when the fan was failing. But this is the sound of when IE goes to a web page. i started hearing it a few days ago when i wasnt doing anything with my computer. 

      HijackThis log dosnt show anything that shouldnt be there, im just wondering if this is suppose to happen, or is it something to look into?

Thanks for the help in advance! (S)

Its not dardardardardarrdaardardardardardardardardadaardardardardardardardardardaardardardardannadannandannanah.

If it is its M

Have a look at your BIOS settings to see the CPU temp and FAN speed (del when booting)


haha no not that. its like the “click” noise when you click on a link in Internet Explorer with i guess the default sound, but im not clicking on anything or playing anything, and nothing on the screen pops up. ???

Try this, i am not sure will it solve your problem.
restart your computer then first log in account with adminstarator prievilege
log ogg from this account and then log into limited user account.

give it a try .

it appears registries

Use firefox. :stuck_out_tongue: You won’t have this problem anymore. Hehe.

the thing is, i do…

Software or Hardware issue? Mute the volume control.

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