Random Crashes with Dump but Comodo Still Running?

Hey guys, I jumped ship from ZoneAlarm about a month ago to find Comodo, which seems to run faster, hog less memory, and overall offers more controllability – but ever since the first install, I’ve been seeing weird behaviors.

Frequently, I’ll return to the system after a lapse of time (20 mins - 10 hours, it varies) and find that upon logging back into the desktop, Comodo has a new crash box up waiting for me requesting to send a dump file. (I usually decline the action as it tries to use a Microsoft application as the e-mail front end, and I have no accounts in any Microsoft-enabled e-mail client.)

These random crash boxes appear, but Comodo seems to still be running strong. And I can’t seem to track down any operations or applications that are related to this random crash.

So, are the “crashes” horribly breaking the system? No.
Do they make me wonder what’s going on and if I’m really protected? Yes.

Presently, I’m running Win XP SP2. Comodo is set for Firewall: On, Sandbox & Defense: Off. My settings are a custom rule base – I like the system to ask me when any new or port randomizing application needs access to anything.

My system is also running Avast without its plethora of shields (seems to block FTP and I’m FTPing constantly as I’m a developer) and Windows Defender is hanging out around somewhere.

If anyone could help me troubleshoot this issue to see deeper into what’s going on, I’d really appreciate it.


Can you tell what file is crashing? Cfp.exe (the client) or cmdagent.exe (the service that does the actual in conjunction with a driver). When the client crashed the service still will do its work.

Does this happen after the system returns from sleep or hibernation?

Thanks for the response, I was getting worried that I wasn’t going to see one. :slight_smile:

Just got back to the computer after about a 4 hour break – and there it was again. I’m not sure what exactly the window that pops up is (Agent vs App) – the only thing I notice is the name Comodo and the logo, but everything seems to continue to work afterward.

I did manage to get the crash.dmp file out of the system this time. I went ahead and tried to send, it bounced back telling me there were no accounts within the office system, and then I saw the e-mail, and drag and dropped the attachment to desktop. From there, I pulled the file out. Is that file safe to post publicly here for review? Would that help?

My system is not set to go into sleep or hibernation. It simply sits at its screensaver (Windows XP default); monitors go into powersave after 30 mins, drives after 1 hr.

did you uninstall zonealarm using their uninstaller it could be a left over driver from ZA?

Yup. ZoneAlarm was removed as per the tech recommendations. Not a trace of it remains.

Once again, return from idle and the crash window is there again. Per EricJH’s question, the window reads:

Comodo Internet Security Error Report (dialog title)
Oops! You have just found a bug in Comodo Internet Security. It needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. (dialog intro)

Then it offers an area to send more information along with the crash report. So, there is no reference to what application or etc actually crashed.


Hey guys, im having the same problem ,umm im disabled with a brain injury and i dont really know bout these things i mean compared to yew guys im a newbie lol but yeah i went to bed and woke ,now i turn my monitor off but thats it so i turned it on this morning only to find it said “firewall has crashed and needs to close down etc…” i clicked here to see what crashed but it only said crash.dmp so i thought ok thats handy lol so i clicked on send report only to find that no mater how many times i did this it did nothing like it waz a dead button so i clicked on dont send but noticed it waz still running ,i just have the firewall dont have that smart defense or nething umm im running XP service pack 2 ,i recently had to reinstall windows and avast & comodo firewall were the only thing i install & first

Also im getting that problem umm ifound it once be4 on your forums but i cant find it now sorry guys neway it waz bout that umm avast keeps poping up saying "Dcom Exploit or something ,it says it blocked it every time but when i searched it up everyone thats had the problem seems to have your firewall to neway i waz wondering if one of yew guys could find the post on your forum for me or point me in the right direction so i can bother that topic with that problem lol thanks guys