Ran Comodo on two pc's, both eventually now shut down


I have been using comodo reg cleaner for probably 5 months. it was working well up until about 5 weeks ago, when I ran it both on my XP machine at home as well as on my father XP machine.

It is difficult to describe what happens, but here goes:

On my father’s xp machine, the pc boots up normally. if the machine is left idle with no applications running, (other than Norton), the machine appears to function normally, however if I open up, say ,ms Excel or other ms applications, the os begins to degrade. the meta data that repersent the text for icons, buttons, etc, starts to dissappear, and then after roughly ten minutes, the machine just shuts off. When the machine is turned on again, the errors message: “Windows has just recovered from a serious error” appears.

I have been doing my best to search forums and also to look at the processes to see if a process is grinding that would at least give me a clue…

No dice. Any help you can give with the few details above would be appreciated! As it is. both machines are in a funk that basically makes them useless.

Thank you ,

Hi Ed,

Did you use the safe delete option?

It’s sounds like a display settings problem.

Try changing the display settings - Right Click “My Computer” and Select Properties. Select “Advanced” tab and then under where it says performance, click “settings”.

Choose, “Let WIndows Chose what’s best for my computer” if its already selected you may have to click another one then “apply” and then “Let WIndows Chose what’s best for my computer” again and “apply”.

Reboot and see if that resolves the issue.

Failing that, trying and restore backup of registry.