RAM usage of this BRowser : is it a joke ? (version


I want to talk about this real problem we have when we decide to surf using chromium, chrome, or dragon, etc.

It’s not usable if you surf and open a lot of tabs, the browser starts to eat all the RAM then when you have no more RAM available the cpu is overloaded by all those process and hit à 100% usage, so you juste have the solution to kill the process, all.
then your system is stable again.
If you use this Browser and open like 2 or 3 tabs, it’s okay, but when you open a lot of pages, the moment will come for sure when Chromium will use 3GB of ram as you have 4gb installed , the OS uses 1GB,
so when the RAM is full, you cannot use the machine, u need to kill all those process.
I had this situation with my laptop 4G of ram.
i was only running the browser and finally it took all the RAM available, and nothing is present into the code to prevent the browser to overload all the RAM and after it’ the CPU running at 100%…

on my desktop with 8GB, this browser used 4GB ! how comes the coders allow the application to run like that ?
that’s not possible !
the browser usage RAM grows and grows until there’s no more way to grow then you cant use it, it’s lagging as hell, you cant scroll on webpages , so you just have the solution to close it.
then you restart for a ride !

Is there a possibility to correct this problem without the need to rewrite the all application ?

Hi ailef,
Under the tools menu of Dragon you will find Dragons ‘Task Manager’, you maybe able to work out which task, process or tab is eating up RAM.
This may help narrow down the cause.



yes i know there’s a task manager into dragon browser

but it will not fix the real problem about the way this browser eat all the ram available if you got 10 tabs opened.
as one tab is active, why others process tab continue to take more and more ram !

do u think it’s normal that it took 4GB on a 8GB of ram machine ?
4 GB man ! imagine how much data it represent for a browser,
Do you know how many websites you have to visit to load 4GB of data ?

that’s not a problem of plugins or extensions, i disabled all plugins, i disabled anything,
If you load too many tabs, then the browser-lag and and unreponsive is on the run.

Hi ailef,
Browsers are designed to use available RAM to improve performance the more available the more they will use, with releasing capabilities when the system requests RAM for other purposes.
Using 4 GB would not be unheard of on an 8 GB system, but it shouldn’t use it to the extent that it causes system lag.

It might be worth trying Dragon portable to see if the lag issue persists.
Portable Version

Kind regards.

Hello captainsticks,

I tried with a portable installation but it doesnt change anything about eating ram.

Thanks for your help anyway, It wasn’t a bad idea, I even thought it could work in fact !
But nope, I have all the inconvenients without the advantages with a normal installation.

So I found some poor solution, I use the extension OneTab, when u clic on the button, it closes all the tabs then you have a new tab with all your tabs linked, you just have to clic to reopen them like they were.
But This browser needs a Limit cache…
Or Chromium needs a new TEAM ! a serious one !

EXEMPLE : they’re not even able to add the option switch to new tab directly !!!
released on 2008 and still not this stupid option !!!
they’re totaly stupid or what ?
you need to install an extension to open your tab directly when you clic on a link !!!
Gang of morons !!!
because when i tried the first release, it’s the FIRST thing i noticed !
OH ? there’s nothing to manage how you want to open tabs …
well it’s the first version, will be added soon !

we’re in 2014 ! and nothing added about that ??? they’re cretins ended !
they’re not stupid, it so much more than that that it’s unbelievable !

(okay, that’s not important…take your pills and go to sleep…)

Hi ailef,
Unfortunately Chromium based browsers do rely on extensions for added functionality.
A workaround to limit the cache size is by using a command line switch in the shortcut.
External link.
How To Change Google Chrome’s Cache Location And Size-ghacks

Also an extension may help, example below.
Cache Killer-Chrome Web Store

Apart from that, sorry I have no other suggestions.
Kind regards.

i have used comodo since cis5. along the way there has been more than a few times that comodo “updates” the version and what we get is often times something sub par than the previous version, eventually bugs get worked out then time for another updated version. it is most of the time a “■■■■ shoot” on weather or not the newer version will not have any basic flaws. i love to promote/use comodo but this latest updated version is a “pig in a poke”.i know cis is based on chrome but what is the story? every time google comes out with a new version is dragon required to do as well? why is not a “newer version” of cis tested for basic flaws? particularly dragon in this latest update. it is embarrassing to recommend a product then have the people send you messages like "it is not working well. what did i do wrong? this kind of releasing a product with major flaws before at least “dry running” the browser seems to me at least rushed and have a "we dont care " attitude. i will not be recommending cis for anyone anymore until this unprofessional mindset changes.

Hi drensmith,
Sorry but this quite hard to follow post appears to be more like feedback/criticism aimed at Comodo in general.

Please note: This topic is related to Dragon issues, please stay on topic.

thanks for those others advices captainsticks, I’m going to check that.

@drensmith, when you say CIS, I imagined that you were talking about Comodo Internet Security,
But it seems you talk about comodo Dragon,
it’s not everytime google releases a neww version,
those 2 browsers are based on Chromium that is an open-source browser.
So when a new release is available google and comodo update chrome and dragon with the last version that brings lot of fixes about security or bugs.
that’s it.
Except this RAM problem as chromium doesnt control anything about it, this browser is the more secure available without the need to use any extension.
and that’s a point we can’t ignore as it’s the most important part for a browser.
I loaded hundred of malicious websites to test dragon security and not one was able to bypass or corrupt the browser to break into the system.
that’s a very important point.
but this RAM problem is annoying when you have 10 or more tabs open.

Your are welcome ailef,
One important thing I forgot to mention is the registry edit for the command line switches to work is not required, unless launching the browser from an external source.
Note: I have not tried the registry edits myself.
If Dragon is always launched from the edited shortcut, no registry editing should be required.

Apologies for not mentioning that in the previous post.
Edit: Reworded for better clarification.

sorry about being off topic. i thought i was in the right place, i agree with your statements. firewall and av is great. and most of the time browser is too. i just hope browser issue gets addressed soon.

i was not being critical,i was being honest. it is embarrassing when i recommend a product and it delivers sub par performance

Apology accepted, thank you. :slight_smile:

Constructive criticism and honesty can share the same location, but we best not hijack ‘ailef’s’ topic any further with OT discussion.


No prob, I understood that drensmith was taking about the browser in fact.

I really like this forum and admins because they never acted like dictators as we can see on other forums.
they’re very respectful and always try to find the best solution before taking mesures against very agressive people insulting users for fun or whatever.
This is certainly the most democratic forum where you can say what you want even if you don’t like comodo for some reasons.

Great job done by admins here, respect.

i agree. the admins have been very helpful, and honest with regards to comodo products

okay this time I give up, My browser get insane after 5 or 10 minutes using 100% of the cpu, lagging so big,

I use again Ice Dragon, with 100MB cache and override option activated…
It never worked that good, cpu 8%,

I do not find the problem with dragon but It was like that since last night, i thought the laptop was going to lerarn to fly as i became a little angry after hours with this issue, all blocked, have to wait five min for this fucking browser to close.

I stop using it, it’s more than enough.

While I know this is not the solution you are looking for and I REALLY dislike suggesting programs like this to clients I did find a free portable app that works well for such problems.

I used to use Opera and decided to switch to Comodo some time ago but Opera would eat huge amounts of resources. I have 12GB of memory so it wasn’t a huge problem so much as annoying because occasionally it did seem to become a bit slower. I went looking at some options and this has worked very well, it works in the same way for Comodo browser as well and you could just test it out. Being portable you can of course just delete it if you dislike or no longer wish to bother with it. I do hope you find it useful however.
Additional information and download found here: http://www.rizonesoft.com/freeware/memory-booster.html

IMO if RAM is plentiful and available, let the program use it.
Leaving the chocolate in the refrigerator does nothing for your taste buds. :wink: