Rains and Floods in Australia

Panic and all other Comodo Forum membeers from Australia

I have been reading about the heavey rains and now Floods that many are encountering this season.

My thoughts are with you and those you know and care about. Hope all are safe and well !

If any of you travel for your job, some interesting and hairrazing stories might be posted to show the rest of us how lucky we are now!

And how at any time Mother Nature can provide unexpected, and unique, and unfortunately devestating challanges.

All Be Safe

I hope you guys stay dry :slight_smile:

Thanks Doug - I’m hundreds of miles away from the flood zones, but have my fingers crossed for several other forum members who live in Queensland.

Thanks guys for thinking of us Aussies. We are also safe here where I am, but I would also like to say to the the people in the flood zones be safe and heres to hoping thinks improve for you all soon.

Wishing the best of luck for the members in Queensland.