Is Rainmeter safe to use ? I love this desktop customization program, CIS says Rainmeter.exe is not reconized and will run in the sandbox. Also Hitman Pro thinks its a virus also.



I’ve been running Rainmeter for a long time (currently 1.4 RC1) and it’s perfectly safe. Hitman Pro doesn’t find a problem with it on my system, neither does MBAM or SAS. I don’t know about CIS, as I only use the firewall.

If HMP or CIS is detecting it as a problem on your system, it’s either a false positive or your copy of Rainmeter has been compromised.

When a file gets sandboxed it only means it is not known to Comodo. It does not pose a verdict on whether it is a legit file or not.

When you know you donwloaded Rain Meter from a reputable source then you can add it to Trusted Files.

You can ask it to be white listed in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2011.

Thanks Guys for the reply.


Thanks OP,

I’ve now have another software that i love :stuck_out_tongue: