RAID Quetion

I received the “RAID Controller Detected” warning when I started to install CTM. I have a Dell Dimension E520 that uses a RAID BIOS, but neither of my 2 SATA drives are RAID enabled. I completed the CTN intall - with the result that I couldn no longer boot (blue screen). I was able to restore form a Ghost image (though I understand that might not always work).

Question: In looking at theBIOS settng, I see an option to change my RAID setting from On to Auto/ATA. Assuming that won’t affect the PC operation, can anyone advise if that would cure the CTM install/boot problem? I’m hesitant to simply try it without advice because I understand restoring from the Ghost image might not always work (MBR problem ?).


Hi, ncomite
Could you please attach a screenshot of your disk info (Computer Management > Disk Management)?


Screen shot attached

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Sorry to trouble you again.
Please take a photo of the BLUE SCREEN and attach it.
We will try to find the cause according to the BUGCHECK code on the BLUE SCREEN.

Thanks very much.

Attaching a Word document with 4 screen shots:

  1. CTN Install: Warning - RAID Controller Detected
  2. CTN Install: Partition Selection

Continued with CTN installation which progressed to a re-boot

  1. Dell/AHCI BIOS boot up screen notice:
    • This drive is controlled by the RAID BIOS
    • Physical Disk Port 0 (C Drive) - Non-RAID Disk

CTN console screen was displayed - and then the following blue screen appeared

  1. Blue Screen - PC then froze.

I then rebooted & selected the Uninstall option in the CTN console. This was successful, but resulted in the PC freezing with a black screen.

Rebooted again and system returned to pre-CTN intall, normal operation.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi, ncomite
Thanks for your detailed feedback.

We are trying our best to work it out.

Thanks for your support.
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Any progress ?

Hi, ncomite
Our dev team is trying to solve it.

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I must say that I’m surprised and impressed by your interest and responsiveness especially since this product does not produce direct revenue. Though you haven’t fixed the problem yet, it speaks well for Comodo. Thank you.

Hi, ncomite.
We hope ctm will be better.
We welcome any constructive feedback and suggestion.
Although we cannot reproduce this problem,
with your detailed infomation, we will work it out.
Sorry to trouble you.
Thanks and regards.

Any progress?

We ran into a similar issue on a Dell Optiplex 780 that had RAID enabled by default. (Win7 x64) Here are my steps to resolution.

While we didn’t see any data loss, some of the procedures I describe can cause the system not boot. Be sure to have a good backup of your system.

CTM warned during installation that a RAID controller was present, but we proceeded anyway, as we did were not using a RAID. Installation completed normally and prompted to reboot. On reboot, CTM displayed the “Installing…” Screen, then began loading windows. The animated splash screen for Win7 hung, then the machine rebooted without displaying an error message.

Pressed “Home” during the reboot to load the CTM control panel, and used it to restore to the baseline. Rebooted successfully.

Rebooted again and entered BOIS. Under the “Drives” section, changed from “RAID On” (default) to “RAID/AHCI” which will allow the RAID controller to load if the RAID signatures are detected on your disks. (There are no signatures on the disks we use.) Entered Windows and saw that the AHCI controller was successfully detected and installed. Prompted to reboot.

After reboot, Successfully installed CTM. Prompted to reboot. Reboot was successful. CTM is installed and working properly.

To answer the OP’s original question: according to my experience, changing your BIOS setting to “Auto/AHCI” (if available) or “Auto/ATA” should allow CTM to install and work correctly. Please be careful though, as there is a good chance that this change will render your system unbootable. My experience was with Windows 7, which (along with Vista) uses a revised hardware abstraction model compared to XP. I would expect an XP or earlier system to have trouble booting following the disk controller change.

I hope this helps,

Thanks for your interest. I did try the RAID/AHCI Autodeteck setting in BIOS, but that made my machine (Dell Dimension E520) unbootable. Changing the BIOS back to Raid On restored its bootability.

Bottom line, CMT doesn’t work with this “RAID BIOS”, even though my disk drives are not set to RAID. Hopefully, Comodo is working on this and will resolve soon.

Comodo people - any progress yet ?

eaz-fix certainly does not have this issue…not for me at least.