RadioCentSetup.exe and Driver_Booster_Setup.exe verdict issues

Files identifies as malicious.

  1. RadiocentSetup.exe (Radiocent)
  2. driver_booster_setup.exe (Driver Booster)

I agree, but the Drive Booster clean

Where can i find the file or installer?

Flykite is checking that one I think…

Tested Zemana AntiMalware, clean

RadiocentSetup.exe file Zeman Antimalware considers is clean

The most interesting is the Rating after scanning one file (RadiotcentSetup.exe) considered malicious. I deleted it. After this I became malicious “driver_booster”, although this was normal.

Could you please give me a detail step to reproduce it?

Btw, the file driver_booster_setup.exe is verdict as clean , you can check it on

OK bearing in mind Flykites info, please don’t report as FP

Hi Megaherz

Could you make this report in the bug reports section please in the format given there. It will help C to diagnose it.

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Reaction to the installation file Driver Booster.

The program for driver updates. CCAV does not respond to the program.

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File RadiocentSetup.exe

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Thanks very much for the additional information.

We would be very grateful if you would make some bug reports Megaherz, so we can address the issue or issues.

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I doubt that the file was infected when you download it, refer to the screenshot. I download it from you provided link Driver Booster PRO - Безопасно обновляет все драйверы и автоматически создает резервную копию драйверов - IObit.
Could you please use a clean OS check it again?

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Hi Megahertz, one observation. The SHAs of the files analysed by Flykite and you appear different, unless I have read the analysis wrongly?

Please do edit your first post to make a bug report in standard format, as that will help us get a clear understanding of the issue.

The format is in the stickies in this board. We are very happy to help if you experience any difficulties creating the report.

Many thanks in anticipation for your help

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