Quiet mode allows everything even hand-made delphi application

I just downloaded comodo firewall few hours ago and i have problems with it.
While trying to configure it i got problem that it allows everything.
I deleted all settings i thought can be related to it and disabled all options.
But every time i launch web browser or ping.exe comodo creates new rule that allows that application.
I set comodo to quiet mode expecting it to block everything that doesn’t have a rule, but it creates new rule allowing any application i launch.
Help says:

Safe Mode (Default): While filtering network traffic, the firewall automatically creates rules that allow all traffic for the components of applications certified as 'Safe' by Comodo, [b]if the checkbox Create rules for safe applications is selected[/b]. For non-certified new applications, you will receive an alert whenever that application attempts to access the network. Should you choose, you can grant that application Internet access by choosing 'Treat this application as a Trusted Application' at the alert. This deploys the predefined firewall ruleset 'Trusted Application' onto the application.
"[b]Create rules for safe applications[/b]" is not selected, all trusted applications are deleted, all certificates are deleted too (can't delete comodo certificate, it keeps create itself back) I even have small delphi application i made long time ago. It listens for TCP connection on TCP port. And connection from remote server from another part of the world was successful and comodo created rule allowing my application to access internet. That application is low quality piece of code having no certificates or anything trusted in it. Here is all my settings in screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/BYQTG I just noticed there is trusted files in "[b]file list[/b]" which i did not added. But there is no my delphi app but this may be related to bug.

So as you see i deleted and disabled everything i could and comodo creates rules allowing any applications access anywhere in silent mode.
I think this is a bug.

Don’t know how that happened, but looks like i mixed up “quiet mode”, “safe mode”, and “silent mode”.
What i was talking about is “silent mode” what i was reading about is “safe mode” and looks like “silent mode” allows everything. But now i’m not sure if it should do that or not.
If “silent mode” should allow everything and create rule for it even self-made delphi application then close this thread.

Silent Mode

Silent Mode enables you to user your system without interruptions or alerts. Operations that could interfere with your work are either suppressed or postponed.

In silent mode:
HIPS/Firewall alerts are suppressed.
AV database updates and scheduled scans are postponed until the silent mode is switched off;
Automatic isolation of unknown applications and real-time virus detection are still functional.

Though to be fair it does not make it clear that the suppressing of HIPS and firewall alerts will allow actions and create allow rules for applications that are run during silent mode that are of unknown/unrecognized rating. Silent mode used to be called game mode so that you can use full screen applications (e.g. video games) without interference from CIS.

futuretech, is there thing like “advanced game mode” when comodo will not create new rules but block all applications that does not have rules?
For example i want to play game and don’t want see comodo pop-ups, but i do not want it to create rules for all applications that will be running while i play.
Initially i thought thats what “silet mode” is.

The best you can do is use the Do not show popup alerts and set it to Block under firewall, HIPS, and AV without silent mode being enabled.