Quicken 2013 / 2014 & Comodo Freezes Locks Up Windows 8

Bug Report:


Windows 8
HP 2000 Laptop
Comodo Antivirus Free
Quicken 2013/2014

With Quicken 2013 installed I installed Comodo Antivirus Free. Upon reboot, after about 2 minutes, the mouse cursor freezes, Windows will blue screen, and upon restart puts the laptop instead in sleep mode, thus the user things the system is powered off and pressing the power button does nothing. The user has to remove the laptop battery and power to start the system and boot windows 8 into recovery or diagnostic mode (if you can reach msconfig fast enough before lock up). At this point you can remove Comodo (if you try to remove Comodo in “Safe Mode”, the Windows installer will fail.)

With a fresh install of Windows 8, and installing ONLY Quicken 2014, the same issue as above occurs.

Work around. Installed a different free anti-virus and system tested ok. Set a restore point and installed Comodo Firewall. This combination was successful.


If the comodo team would like Windows 8 crash logs - provide me with an e-mail or other contact information and I’ll send them.

Thank you for reporting this issue. However, please edit your first post so that it is in the format provided here. Let me know if you have any questions.


PM reminder sent.

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