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Ok I installed CPM today. Can it completely remove programs already installed before I installed CPM? And if it can completely remove programs, I click on “Standard Uninstall”?

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Programs installed before Comodo Programs Manager (CPM) will be uninstalled using the programs standard uninstall routine. This is because CPM did not have the opportunity to monitor the programs installation in the first place.

Programs installed after CPM is installed will be monitored by CPM. CPM can then do a complete removal as it has monitored and recorded what the program put where when it was installed.

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I have a bigger issue now. Since installing CPM everything seemed fine until I restarted my computer for the first time since installing it and now my desktop always freezes! I tried uninstalling it in safe mode but it still freezes. I dont know how or why but something from it I think causes system instability. Now Im probably gonna have to reinstall windows…

Jesus fucking christ I tried doing a system restore now all I get is a black screen with just a mouse cursor. This product is complete shit please take it off the Comodo website and destroy it so nobody else uses this junkware.

my desktop always freezes
Hold the "windows button and the "R" button at the same time

type in “msconfig”

untick cpm"

restart, that way it wont start up