quick question

I got an avast alert saying that it prevented from ‘‘comodo icedragon restarter helper .exe’’ from opening. is this a trusted file i should allow?

I believe that is a good file but you should upload it to VirusTotal to be sure. Make sure to post on the forum what you find out. :slight_smile:

I agree with ad18. Upload it to VirusTotal and provide a link to the results. The name of the file is the same name as a safe file. However, a piece of malware could choose to name itself whatever it wants. Therefore, it’s always best to check.

This is probably due to Hardened Mode.

yes,i have avast set on hardened mode(moderate not aggressive). it said it prevented it from opening. I dont know how to do the file checking thing, but i assume there isnt even a file on my system. i run daily mwb/sas/avast scans however. Just figured you guys had heard of this fie before?