Quick Question

I am Wondering if my comodo is blocking Rift i have it all access but i am unable to login to it do you think comodo is still blocking it if so is there a way to check?

We’ll need a little more information to help, sorry.

When you say you have it set to “all access” do you mean you are disabling the firewall and trying to use Rift? Also have you tried defining the application as trusted in the firewall tab?

Your logs are your friend. Check your logs OFTEN. Check often logs if you are guro or not.

check your logs for stuff you don’t understand & then ask qwexion at guro forum.

Check BOTH ‘friewall’ & ‘Defence’ logs for cliues to sources of possible intrusion.

If system known good w/out infection complains w/CIS active, allow for CIS to ‘learn’ good-system of you.

CIS blocking Rift to internet → logs

look in lfirewall / Defense+ logs

CIS not block and not tell.