Quick HIPS question

Hi, I want to install Comodo on a friend’s pc but she’s a complete novice and I think the HIPS function will baffle her completely. If I disable Defence+ that will leave a working firewall but without the HIPS, right?


Edit: Oops, think I’ve posted in the wrong forum. Sorree

(:WAV) hi Maik,
i think…yes, there’s option to install the basic firewall only without the HIPS (Defense+ ) part, but have you tried this leaktest app against CFP3 ?


i’ve tried it, and the one blocked it was Defense+ 88) , you’ll not pass the test without it.
how about using CFP2 instead (or another Firewall 88) ) for now and wait for “TC”. still no info about it, but i heard that it will make CFP3 an easy to use program, even for novice (i’m a novice btw :smiley: )

Hi Maik,

As Ganda said, yes you can install the firewall without Defense+, although it won’t be completely leakproof. But the inbound network protection will be the same.