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Well I’m back and with a new company. I am currently using CA A/V and HIPS and am looking for something better. I was one of the beta testers with this software and I am testing the live product to see if it will work in my environment. I have a couple of questions before I make a decision to look into your product or not.

How can a user be able to run manual scans on their system? Currently it says “This feature is disabled in Remote Administration mode”. All of our users are on laptops and are constantly traveling. If there is a problem on their machine they need to have the ability to perform a manual scan.

Can your software talk to an Active Directory? This feature would be nice for an administrator to login to the infected machine and use the security software to fix problem or go thru logs. Going thru the management console every time just to run a scan or view a log when the PC is right in front of me is a pain and not realistic. This software is sort of pointless if I can’t use the tools on the system to clear up a problem, for example having the ability to use the view processes and terminate processes. Having the ability to login to the software to take control of it is smarter.

Is there a way to setup the software to do a short scan when the system plugs into a designated network? Like I said before, my users are constantly on the go and plug in and out non-stop. I would like for the system to recognize the IP address and do a quick scan of the system before they can continue on the network.

Also, I would like the ability to have the firewall turn off if it is on a certain network. For example if the laptop is plugged into the primary office network the firewall will disable itself and then turn on when unplugged from the network.

Maybe I missed something while playing around with the software. I would appreciate any help. Thanks,

Product Version: 3.8.65951.477

Is this forum dead or has Comodo given up on this product?


this forum is nor dead, nor Comodo gave up the product. the problem is just that it’s not a common used application and so not many users can help you.

If you have CESM, you can always send a ticket to the support team :
or you can use Comodo LivePcSupport (read your e-mail, you have that included)

best regards,

CESM does integrate w/AD, although it doesn’t need to be installed to your AD system. If you install to your AD, you should have a more complete integration, rather than CESM scanning AD for updates to new systems and such. However, AFAIK, all control of the Endpoints occurs through the CESM Console. By assigning systems to Groups and defining Tasks for those Groups, you should be able to accomplish much of what you are wanting to do. Just as with a local install of CIS, you can define different network zones, and network rules for those zones; thus if you want systems to be visible/accessible to other systems when attached to the domain (versus DMZ, VLAN, etc) you can establish those rules - Globally or by Group. You should not need to disable the FW at any point.

However, the user will not be able to manually control CIS from their end. Depending on the type of users, this can be a good thing… :wink: I don’t think that CESM provides endpoint network access control such as you mention (scan before allow PC to continue to access network), but I could be wrong about that. You may able to define some CESM rules/Tasks that address that issue, especially in conjunction with AD.

Hope that helps, and hopefully I’ve addressed all your questions, at least to some degree. Please feel free to ask more, for more clarification.


Hello, etaftm.

We carefully read your requests and appreciate your opinion.

Unfortunately, CIS 3.11 cannot meet all your needs, but we work on it.

I hope that new CESM release can help you in solving some of requests you asked about.

To work on remote workstation with RM CIS you can deploy CESM package and install it in quit mode to all the managed computers. It does not take a lot of time (NOTE: .Net 2.0 required) It will install Comodo ESM Console which can be easy connected to server. Using new instant task you can run scan task just with several mouse clicks. Changing of CIS configuration now is also much more easy using custom CIS configuration which immediately changes CIS settings.

As I am reviewing a 30 day trial of the full product with 75 users. I am still going to push for the idea of having a power user feature built into the CIS. Where as me the admin can open a client on a users pc and login to the CIS to gain access to advanced features ex: A/V Scan, Task list, logs, etc. Think about it, if a user gets a virus of some sort do you really think I am going to leave that pc on the network so I can control it from the management console. The answer is no. Not to mention all of my users are on laptops and travel. So if I could have the ability to setup a non admin users to have the ability to atleast run a simple scan would be most helpful.

I love the product and have been with it since beta, but I need the ability to take command of CIS when off the network.

Thanks for you time.

Thank you for your response.
We appreciate your attention.

I agree w/ etaftm, with perhaps slight differences. Rather than power user, I need the ability to “release” an endpoint from ESM managing, and reclaim it later - all from within ESM. We have a lot of laptops, too, where our analysts need full control in the field - not just to run scans, but also change configuration, even disable…

I had a call from Comodo sales/mgmt recently, wanting to know my thoughts on ESM, and that was one thing we discussed. We’re in kind of a unique situation w/our business, so our needs are probably not the norm, but it causes me to have to have local installs on many systems, rather than managed installs, because that’s the only way the user can control it in the field.