Questions regarding translation recommendations

Since I have a question regarding the recommendations for translating CPF and I thought about the fact that maybe somebody else could have questions too, I decided to make this topic so that there could be an area to discuss any details. This should be a supplement to the locked thread:,2623.msg20209.html#msg20209

Ok, I’ll start out asking my own question regarding this suggestion:

Wherever the character ‘&’ is found, it means on GUI this will appear as a menu/ button shortcut(pnemonic), so in translated text this should precede to appropriate character.

For example: “&Open…” which is in the right click menu of CFW tray, can be translated into Turkish like “&Ac…” where & character is preserved

Basically I pretty much figured out that this is mostly so that Comodo can eventually add keyboard shortcuts to CPF.
Now what I’d like to know is this: what if I have two (or more) words that when translated would use the same letter right after the “&”?
How would you prefer we go about solving the situation? Should we just ignore the problem and use duplicate letters or should we pick a different (unique) letter for that particular dialog/window/menu?