Questions from a new user.

Hi all,

Well, I was a new user but had some problems with the firewall so I deinstalled it. I would like to give it another try though since my son will be going to college in the fall with a new laptop and it seems that Comodo can handle Vista 64 (thinking this is the way to go) where my present firewall can’t. I downloaded it now on my home computer to get a feel for it.

The first question is- Comodo was finding a new network on my hardwired desktop and required me to install it in order to get onto the network. This must have happened 3 times in less than a week and since my desktop is hardwired there is only one network it is on. The last time it asked about the new network I told it to ignore (I hit cancel I believe)and it locked me out of the network - even the network notification on Windows said I wasn’t connected. I deinstalled Comodo, rebooted and everything went back to normal.

The other question I have is - Comodo doesn’t seem to recognize “normal” programs such as Word and Wordperfect. Whenever the first time I used either (and other programs) it asked to get an OK to use them. I don’t understand why it needs an OK to use these programs as they weren’t trying to access the internet. I don’t know much about maleware, viruses and such but I would think that the appropriate security software would “know” if they are acting not according to normal operation. The firewall that I am currently using only asks for permission if software is trying to access the internet for the first time or if I don’t tell it to allow it in the future.

Of course I guess you need to know my computer is running Windows XP 32 bit with SP3, Avast Antispyware and Malewarebytes antispyware. I dd uninstall my previous firewall before installing Comodo.

Any help is appreciated because I would like to use comodo if my son gets a 64 bit Vista machine.



Hey Vinny! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

How are you accessing the internet? By a router?

I suggest you switch firewall\Defense+ into safe mode. You can do this by right clicking the comodo icon.
There are 2 types of alerts with comodo = Defense+ and Firewall. Defense+ is a HIPS; Host intrusion prevention system.

Defense+ is an extremely powerfull tool and if you set it up correctly and answer it’s alerts you will have a bullet proof protectionfrom unknown malware. That’s a big claim!

Defense+ is the main problem with users that aren’t used to HIPS. If you get comfortable with it, It’s well worth the time and effort. Eventually once all the application rules are implaced you should get no pop-ups unless for a new application trying to run.

If you do give up on defense+ then that’s ok, You can install comodo without it :slight_smile: which will give you the pure firewall.

Thanks Kyle,

I do have a home network via a wireless router - linksys wireless G with my desktop on one of its wired ports. I used to have a laptop (it died) and there is a Xbox 360 on the wireless portion.

So the Defense + was asking about the programs - OK, I don’t have a problem with that as it’s a security program learning about my system, makes sense. I did notice that as I told Comodo that I wanted the programs to be able to be used the warnings went away as I used the programs other times. But since I gave the programs access to my computer can Defense + figure out if something activated the programs without me wanting them to … I have read that a lot of problems start in Microsoft office products such as Word. Will it catch unauthorized use? Or is that what the antivirus is for - sorry, I haven’t really studied up on what does what in security software.

Now that I said I have a router - does this give you a reason on why it keeps finding my network as new? BTW, I did go into the network area of Comodo and it had my original “Home Network” listed.

I appreciate the help as I am my family’s IT person and I am not in the IT field. My biggest fear is putting something on my son’s computer when he does get one, nobody knowing what to do to resolve issues and he needs to use the computer.

Thanks again!


I give you the following suggestions :

Open CIS>Miscellaneous>Settings>General - untick Automatically detect new private networks

If you want less chatty Defence+

Right click on CIS>Defence+Security Level tick on Clean PC Mode
(You can keep Defence+ in training mode for 1 or 2 days and defence+ will give automatic rules to regular applications)

For Firewall settings

Open CIS > firewall > Advanced > Firewall Behaviour Settings > General Settings - select Safe Mode (can also be done by right clicking CIS icon - Firewall Security level - Safe Mode)

Open CIS > firewall > Advanced > Firewall Behaviour Settings > Alert Settings - Low

Hopefully this is sufficient enough.

HMM. I am confused as to why your network address keeps changing, Has it still been happening since the re-install? Perhaps someone else may be able to answer this for you soon.

Almost anything can be exploited how ever comodo will alert you about that (It does not judge if it’s bad or not, you must do that)

Personaly, against what Layman said I would use safe mode (Because it takes advantage of comodo’s whitelist)
If you check the guide I posted earlier scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at how to deal with alerts and “Training mode”

You can ask for any type of help on these forums… It can be to do with anything, not just computers. Just post here and someone should help you out with in an hour or 2 (usually) even if something is really bothering you there are a few members that just like helping out and can make a remote connection to your pc and fix the problem infront of your eyes.

Thanks again for the help!

I didn’t reinstall Comodo but installed my previous firewall instead. What was happening in Comodo with the “new networks” didn’t happen with the previous firewall so I reinstalled my previous firewall. And it hasn’t happened since but I don’t know if my firewall does look at those things although it did ask if I want my computer to be seen by other computers on the network.

I had Comodo in training mode for the first few days and then switched it to safe mode (I think).

Would turning off “find new networks” lock in Comodo to my network? If I put Comodo onto a laptop is it possible that it will always see new networks when my son brings it into college and or home? I would imagine it would get combersome after a while (which is the reason I deinstalled Comodo after the third network problem).

I probably won’t reinstall Comodo until after Christmas due to it does take some time to get it running properly.

I really do appreciate all the help!


From my experience, I observe that ‘networks’ are identified as per TCP/IP settings. If you have a static IP which starts with say ‘’ it will identify that as one network. In the same computer, due to some reason, say you connect at school which has another static IP (and change accordingly) like ‘’. It will be identified as another network. Also, I have observed that where IP addresses are assigned automatically, without using the ‘Local Area Network’ feature of windows like dial up connections, it will not be identified as ‘network’.

But, I feel there is no harm if you disable detecting new networks if it disturbs you.

Open CIS>Miscellaneous>Settings>General - untick Automatically detect new private networks

As Far As I Know, detecting new networks helps the users to give exceptions to some networks, like home network to allow total trust to home network while extending restriction to network using ‘internet’ access. If you do not give separate ‘concessions’ to a network, everything will be protected to the ‘optimum’ as per the configurations of Firewall.

The defence+ pop ups are temporary at the beginning and I do not observe a single pop up from defence+ (now that my CIS has settled down and learned the behaviour of the computer), except when a program try to access memory or critical areas.

This can be purged if you keep Defence+ in training mode for 1 or 2 days and defence+ will give automatic rules to regular applications. I would hence recommend you to give CIS another try, may be after Christmas as you wish, as its firewall is really excellent, as per the reports.

(Kyle, if I am wrong, please do correct the above).

Thanks layman,

You actually triggered something - I use dhcp for my setup not a static IP address. I used dhcp so that I can add devices to my network as I need to and not cause conflicts. I keep my wireless security up by using the security features on my router - I guess this might be why it sees “new” networks every so often.

I will install Comodo again and use it when I have the time to play with it.

Thanks again for all the help … I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again! :slight_smile:



Sorry! I was away for a few days. Yes layman you are 100% correct :slight_smile:
Glad you fixed the problem Vinny :slight_smile: and Merry Xmas