Questions, Comodo Personal Firewall Licence

Hi all,

I have just downloaded and installed Comodo Personal Firewall, excellent software by the way, and i have a few questions reguarding the licence.

Q1) How many computers can Comodo Personal Firewall be installed on using the same licence number ?

Q2) If i format my HDD can i still use the same licence number to activate Comodo Personal Firewall or do i need to register again to get a new licence number each time i format my HDD ?

Q3) This one is a little bit off topic, does the same rules apply to the licence numbers with all other free Comodo products ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi d.chatten & welcome to the forums.
Glad you like the firewall.

Q1) As many as you like. But, the activation code does expire.

Q2) Unlikely (see Q1), since the key would have probably expired. You will need to get a new activation key.

Q3) No, some are different & some are changing to be the same as CFW.

If you’re interested & a confident windows user, there is a BETA release of CFW available in BETA Corner board. It is multilingual & has experimental Buffer Overflow protection.

Hi kail,

Thanks for the very quick response to my questions and i do indeed like the CFW, very much so.
I will take a look at the beta version of CFW but first can i ask if i can use my lisence that i have now for the beta version or do i need to get a new licence ?

Also i have one more question reguarding the CFW licence, you mentioned that the licence expires, how long is the licence valid for, before and after activation ?


You do not need to keep getting an activation key, when CFW is uninstalled (recommend procedure when dealing with betas… change of structure, etc.) your license will be left behind & when you install the CFW beta, it will pick-up & use your existing license. But, it you format your HDD or re-install Windows from scratch, then you’ll probably loose the license & have to get new one.

Expiry? Sorry, I can’t remember if its 7 hours or 7 days, LOL. It expires and that’s all I’m willing to say. ;D But, you can get as many activation keys as you want, when you want. There is no restriction on it.

And to clarify what kali said…it’s the activation key that expires, not the license, the license is for lifetime!

From the help-file:

“Comodo Firewall is a free-to-use application. However, the application license must be activated within the first thirty days of installation. You will receive regular reminders if you have not activated your installation.”