Questions before purchasing

Hello Comodo Community!

I am planning to buy a Code Signing Certificate and would like to sort two questions out before.

First some information i gathered:

  • I don’t own a company or organization, so i want to purchase it as an individual.
  • I live in Austria (EU).
  • I own a domain, where my name/address/phone number can be whois’d.
  • I can provide a scan of my passport (EU/Austria).
  • I can provide scans of my CableTV/ISP provider bills, which show my name/address.
  • I can provide scans of my GIS bills (state organication for broadcasting fees), which show my name/address.
  • I can provide scans of electricity bills, which show my address but not my name, but the name of a relative.
  • I can provide scans of cellphone bills (electronic bill), which show my name but not my address, but the address of a relative.
  • Some other bills which either show my name or that of a relative, or show my address or that of a relative.

Now the actual questions:

[ol]- Is it possible to buy it as an individual?

[li]Will those above mentioned notes suffice for validation? If not, what are you going to need?

  • Would i be able to sign my Windows 7 x64 Kernel-Mode driver with that?[/ol]

Thank you very much in advance for help on this topic.
Best Regards