Questions before purchasing Trust Connect

I am interested in buying the monthly plan for Comodo (The $8.99 per month, unlimited plan) because I am planning to travel within the next month and I will be using the hotel’s wifi extensively. However, I have a few questions before I purchase.

(1) Will I be charged automatically every month, even if I chose not to?

(2) Is there a minimum amount of months that I must sign up for? I.e. Do I have to keep paying for 6 months or so?

(3) Do I need this even though I already have an anti-virus and an anti-malware programs?

(4) Will this slow down my computer? (I have a Windows 7, 64 bit laptop)

Thanks! :wink:

Hello Somethngcreative and welcome to Comodo Forums.

Take a look here at the Terms and Conditions (Section 3.2)

Again, look at the link above but this time at Section 3.3.
Also, if you purchase through PayPal, you can always cancel your monthly subscription at any time (even if its for only 1 month).

You definitely DO! Anti-virus, Anti-malware or even Firewalls can “protect” somehow your PC from attacks.
But NONE of them protect the info you submit through Wired/Wireless connections.
If you want your browsing or navigation to be encrypted, TrustConnect service its a MUST HAVE.

Not at all!

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