Questions about Windows Defender and ConfigureDefender

I installed CIS Pro and I would like to ask the following:

In Windows Defender settings I enabled periodic scans by Windows Defender. Is this recommended? My Comodo Antivirus settings are the default ones and the Antivirus is shown as “Stateful”.

Before installing CIS Pro I had ConfigureDefender also installed. Two questions about this: One, should I leave it as it is? Two, When I try to run this program I get an error that “ConfigureDefender cannot gather information about Windows Defender. Possibly, another security application restricts Powershell”. Is there a way to bypass this error?

windows defender slowdown start system in use with other suite or antivirus :-TU

sorry my english!

Thank you. I cannot say that I noticed any slowdown at startup, but if it does arise, then disabling Windows Defender periodic scanning will be the first thing that I’ll disable.

I also managed to access ConfigureDefender.