questions about FP in comodo rescue disk

Ran the comodo rescue disk on my 64 bit win 7.

It did not have internet access so was unable to download up to date defs. How do i fix this?

It was a full scan and went on 12 hours on a 1TB disk. I was not able to find a way to save the results. Are they accessible without running again?

It found some problems which I think were FP. Example DVD shrink exe and UAC disabled. I disabled it and also host files changed i changed them to block access to malicious sites.

Also burnaware free bass dll. BA now has open candy but that is an old install

Others I cannot recall. I did not fix anything as I think FP’s

How can I get the net connection running and save the results. Also when you pause to look at results half way through and start again it goes back to start or 25% if at 64%

Comodo DataBase