Questions about COMODO Firewall behaviour while running some games applications.

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Hello everyone, It’s been a while that I’m curious about those “Blocked Intrusions” showed in the following image:

When I’m running some game applications, like Steam (after some update) or Fortnite, this counter keep going and going while it’s running until hundreds or thousands as we can see here:

Looking into the “Unblock Applications” tab there are some dialy usage applications that doesn’t seems to harm my system, like Fortnite. Trying to unblock is useless, after the next run it returns to that list.

Being in that “Blocked list” doesn’t seem to affect the overall operation of the application, but why those programs end up in there and how can I prevent them to end up there? Should I add them to the exclusion list? They’re doing some shady operations? Here’s how my report file looks like today: 37.424 records counts, 99% of them are spam of same occurrence.

In advance thank you for the help. Sorry if there’s some english error as it’s not my native language.

I made a sticky topic explaining this: Blocked Applications showing CIS blocking programs by HIPS and cannot unblock?.

In short. Blocking memory access to CIS processes is one of the ways how CIS protects its self. Blocked Applications is useless when it comes to dealing with memory access attempts: in my view it should be removed from Blocked Applications. Also there is a bug where CIS with Windows 10 1903 will erroneously report memory access by 32 bits programs where the programs are not accessing CIS processes.

When your programs are working normally then there is no reason to worry about the blocking of memory access attempts (whether they are real or not). 99,999999% of the programs will function normally when memory access is denied. Allowing memory access introduces a security risk. So we only advice to allow it when a program is not functioning properly.

In your case you don’t have to do anything.

Thanks for the quick answer! I agree that it should be removed fron Blocked Applications, the way that it is working right now floods the log file with those entries and it’s not pleasant to see. I hope it’s getting fixed in future updates. Well, that topic can be locked. Thanks!