Question regarding WinWord.exe and cutting/pasting into Windows Word

Hi all:

I wanted to cut and paste some text from a website into Word and encountered the following all while logged onto my dial-up ISP:

  1. highlighted text of interest
  2. launched Microsoft Word
  3. right clicked in blank Word document and clicked “paste”
  4. Comodo alerts me internet explorer is trying to connect to internet; application is iexplore.exe and security considerations indicates C:/program files/Office 10/winword.exe has tried to use iexplore.exe through OLE automation …
  5. clicked Deny in Comodo and text still appears in the Word document.

I have found winword.exe in the folder identified by Comodo but also twice in C:/Documents and Settings/“my name”/Temp/ folder. All WinWord.exe files are clean as per scanning via

Hi Will91
It’s not a virus causing this. I was getting this quite often. For instance if I open an app (utorrent) then opened the browser pretty much at the same time, comodo would give me an alert.
Same with copy/paste from web to office app, as you are getting.
I added all the office apps to the comodo banned apps. Haven’t had an alert so far, yet.