Question regarding dependent servers

I am looking to set up two dependent servers at our two branches. The Admin help guide doesn’t go in to much detail on how to set up a dependent server just how to connect to one. I emailed support and they just referred me back to the admin help guide…not really much help. Anyway, so I am assuming that a “dependent” server is just a standard CESM server install in which you manage computes and policies separately from the main server and use the same product key??? I installed the server at our branch and added it to the dependent servers of the main branch location. I exported my policies from the main server and imported them into the “dependent” server. I tried to deploy to computers but there are no antivirus/firewall “Checked in” packages and nothing in the “Available Packages” of my dependent server.

I feel like I’m doing this all wrong that a “dependent” server should act more like a relay then an actual separate server with a single-sign-on. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Good to talk to you Chad! I thought that I would post the highlights of our conversation for the other forum members.

I hear your feedback on the Admin Guide and I agree. I will talk to product management about it. But you are right. No real difference between the Central Server and Dependent Server(s). You install each the same way. When you are done installing your Dependent server(s) you then go back to your Central Server and tell it that Dependent Server #1 at IP address #1 exists, and Dependent Server #2 at IP address #2 exists and Dependent Server #3 at IP address ## exists…etc.

…>>Preferences>>Dependent Servers>>Add repeat for each needed Dependent server.

Once they are added you can click one the one you want to work with, you will get a new tab and the login credentials you added will be used to log into that machine.

Policies from one machine have to be exported from one machine and imported into another machine.

Export (…Policies>>Select a policy>>Double Click or Right Click>>Export Policy (at bottom if you Double Click and open the policy itself)>>Save as “Policy Name.XML”.
Import (…Policies>>Add (at Bottom)>>Choose “Create from XML file”>> and the rest is or should be obvious…

As far as Packages go, I think you already figured that out. Policies are not Packages. Packages are the different versions of either the ESM Agent file or the CES or CAS software that gets deployed to the Endpoints.

In case others have not figured it out. I work for Comodo. I am a Presales Engineer for North America.
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