question real offline update

Hi is it possible to download the comodo virus database and transfer it to a computer that does not have an Internet connection
If so, how do I download and how to implement virus definitions?

Hi selekta,
Anti-Malware Database update page here.
Instructions and download found here.
Kind regards.

Thanks but i need virus definitions for CIS.

The links captainsticks provided are correct.

The Malware db is the AV db.

Using the .cav file from the first link and these instructions from the second should work.

How do i activate this download?


Save the file on your computer
Reboot in Safe-Mode
Open explorer and go to C:\Program files\Comodo\Comodo internet security\scanners and copy the downloaded bases.cav here. Replacing the existing bases.cav.

sorry this is don’t work after reboot i hawe definitions is old like you see on the picture below

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Hi selekta,
Doing the updates offline you will always get the notification that the Database is out of date (unfortunately).
Check More/About and see if the Database version is the same as the online system or compared to this page to see if it installed correctly.

Can you show me were this will be ? i mean the page in MORE/ABOUT i didn’t sow data of viruses difinition

ok i found this - thx for help

You are welcome. :slight_smile: