question/problem that brought me here

:-[ So the main reason that brought me here to comodo was b/c I am suddenly having problems with simply copy+pasting my mp3 files to my sd card, something about it being write protected and to remove the write protection from it. I haven’t had this problem before, I even googled it and got nothing… PLEASE HELP!!!

Well, aside from the problem, we don’t anything about your system. Linux? Which flavor? Windows? XP? Vista? 7? 8? What error shows up (look in the title bar of the error as well as the code in the message box if applicable)? In linux, this usually results from improper removal of the external device from a windows box. This usually happens in NTFS drives, though (however rare) it still applies to FAT32 disks as well. For windows, this happens for a couple of possible reasons. One of which could be memory corruption (although this may be unlikely). Or (more possible) an application is using the media and preventing writing. The usual suspects are security products. I don’t recommend it, but try disabling possible conflicting software particularly your antivirus. Or you could take a look at third party copiers such as Unstoppable copier, terracopy, and others of the like.