Question on Release

  • I have been out of office for sometime and just got back a day or two ago. I have uninstalled the Beta CESM and install the released CESM. So far so good, but my question is when will we be out of the Beta for the CFP? I can’t do anything as a local admin. The firewall say it is not functioning properly. I can’t use the diag because of the local admin problem. So I am just curious when we will see the final release for CFP.

  • I thought there was going to be an option on rebooting at the end CFP install. I don’t like the fact of it rebooting automatically when I do a remote install.

  • How are the clients av updated? Is that coming from the CESM or is each client talking to comodo for updates? Is it automatic or manual?

  • If the CFP has built in A/V does it actually work? There should be an option on folder to Scan Folder with Comodo A/V like the other A/V software titles. I tried the Eicar Test and it didn’t pick it up till I did a full scan of the system. The Active Protection should have picked it up right away.

As always I am still testing this before I replace our current software on the network.



I don’t understand what do you mean saying “I can’t do anything as a local admin”?
Remotely managed CFP version is different from the ordinary CFP. You cannot manage ordinary CFP from CESM, and you cannot manage Remotely managed CFP version from this CFP local GUI. This is by design. If decided to perform remote CFP management you lose possibility to manage it locally. This way we save local user from necessity of CFP management at all and global domain administrator from incident CFP configuration deviation from one managed CFP to another.

Probably one of the future Remote CFP msi installers will have no forced reboot command at the end.

Currently there is no AV part in Remote CFP but it will be in further version.
Today we treat Remote CFP as a separate CFP version therefore some features might differ.

This was discussed in the forums during the beta stages. Setting up a local Admin due to the fact that not everyone’s network consist of desktop users. For example my network consist of all laptops. If the user is on the road and the CFP is causing them to not be able to do a certain task then what…?

No A/V? Why no A/V yet? Why would I want to buy this software if it is just a firewall. What would be the purpose of a software firewall behind hardware firewalls? It seems a bit much if you ask me. Maybe I was thinking wrong about this product in the beta stages. I was thinking this would replace antivirus and antispyware programs. And would give me the ability of managing and installing from a console. I guess my thought pattern of where I thought this software was going was wrong. Don’t get me wrong I am all for Comodo. I love your software. I guess I was just confused about this one.

Thanks for responding.