Question - is it normal for the regular AV db update to take 30mins?!?!


I’ve noticed something with 12.0.6818, thats bugging me a lot now. I don’t have this PC on often, but even so, it’s only 2 days since the last DB update, yet, the DB update has been running for over 30 mins - surely something’s wrong.
I’ve had this happen a lot recently - especially with the new release - and this I’d expect to only be a delta AV db update.
Are others seeing it too, or do I need to raise a bug?
I’ve got the normal non beta settings for comodo in hosts etc (i.e. no commodo settings in the hosts file).


Can anyone comment please?

Can you check if it downloads the full AV database each time you update it?

Also check to see if it actually updates to a newer db version and not stuck on the same db. Go to about under help link on the main UI and take note of the number before and after running an av update.

Hi, I can certainly help with investigating this - what’s the easiest way to check if it’s a full DB updates or a delta type update.?

I will be in touch Sunday or Monday.


Start the av update manually and look at what the verbose logging tells. The full database may be mentioned as such and if that is not the case the size gives it away.

Hi Eric, My apologies for not being in touch sooner - What’s the best way to find the verbose logs that you mention?

Hi MikeDiack,

It should not take more than 10mins on any Windows(even for fullbase update), but still it depends on your internet speed.

You may check 3 options(given in the Pic) to see if the update is stuck at any base number.

We don’t find such AV update issues at our location. If you could confirm the update stuck problem, I can ask our developers to check if there is any sync issue at your location.

The verbose log is indicated by option 2 in the image Metheni posted in the post before this post.

Thanks will take a look tonight,