Question: how to escape from tracking - third-party tracking ?

hay! the last year i have problem and i am angry with all these (tracking - third-party tracking etc) each day i learn something new … and somedays i really want to close my pc (and never open again) and fly my mobile

there is any comodo tool or any tool that helps with all these ?

I’ve tried several (like tor) but i’m not hacker and i don’t want to be, also now difficult trust anything and i am not believe anything or anyone … I have nothing to hide just don’t like what is happening.

I already change my search engine in DDG and when i am very angry i use private browsing but how can i stop all these ? just want my privacy.

I don’t want to see this when i connect into a site
I don’t want companies like google hacking for tracking

I don’t want collect my data or me Social Network ID

and much more

and now they say to us about this “magical place” cloud, is a joke… right ? or we are doomed ?

I can put some ip in host file with localhost IP, block js, block Flash is easy but there is no solution …

Because years now i trust comodo i ask you … how can escape from all these ?? any suggestions ??

Thanks for your help and sorry for my english!

Please read my article about How to Protect Your Online Privacy and let me know if you have any questions.


amazing link !!! Thank you!! It has really useful information!! Thank you agen !