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Hi all, I want to ask Comodo something about trustworthy and how to solve situation:

I invested in one investment company. But the company dissapeared a week ago. There’s no site, no data no contact, etc…
The most important reason why I decide to trust the investment company was the Comodo Authentic & Secure Triangle in right down corner (like here). I’m not the only one, there’s huge number of dissapointed investors who trusted the site because it have the Comodo sign. I don’t think right now (yet) that the name of the company is important because this is about trustworthly in general
So, how can Comodo help and what can Comodo do in this case?

Thanks for answer in advance.

seems that Comodo don’t care about that… :frowning:

You could send a PM to Melih, the CEO.

I think the sign means that you can trust the site and that the site is legit, but I’m not a staff member so I don’t know.

Jeremysbost is right :slight_smile:

It says : Secure and Authentic Site, because Comodo validates websites, NOT companies :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Please see my reply on another thread of similar nature here:;msg227178#msg227178

wow! and this was quick :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for your suggestions, but when I click the link, got the message:

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Hmmm…another admin I have seen yet.

Good advice: make us all mods so we can see that board too. 88) Note the part of the link that says “…/moderators_only/…”

Here is the post that richards wants you to see. It was posted on the moderator board.

Quote from richards
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Hi Guys, Lot's of discussion around this one. As Melih has already pointed out, we authenticate the identity of the certificate applicant. As a leader in the digital security field, Comodo takes precautions to make sure that transactions through a vendor’s website are secure and are made in a fashion that is safe from third-party influence. Unfortunately, Comodo cannot guarantee that the site’s actual operators are always acting with integrity and honesty. Ultimately, consumers must still decide which vendors should be trusted and dealt with on-line before conducting any sort of business there. Because we do not guarantee that a business owner is always acting honestly, Comodo’s warranties cannot cover transactions where you have misjudged the intentions of the site owner or where the site owner has acted badly.

Comodo is not an insurer of bad investment sites or bad investment decisions and cannot guarantee that a site bearing our logo always has your best interests at heart. Please be sure to only transact with sites that you know and trust, regardless of the logos displayed. However, once you decide to trust a site with your business, look for the Comodo symbol to assure you that your confidential information being submitted to the vendor will reach the intended recipient safe and secure.

We will attempt to investigate allegations of fraud, and if we find sufficient evidence to warrant it, will revoke the SSL certificate and logo associated with the site. If you have specific sites that you wish to report, please send an email to customerrelations[ at ] or legal[ at ] In most cases, our first step would be to contact the site administrator, advising them of the complaint and encouraging them to contact their customer to resolve the situation. At the end of the day, I would say that the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is,” really applies even more to online transactions than to real world ones that were commonplace when the phrase was coined.

Thanks. Too bad he didn’t take my suggestion and make me a mod… ;D

Sorry Jeremy. I was a little lax, but better late than never, right? You are now a Global Moderator. Thanks for all your support to the Comodo Forums so far. Keep up the good work, your efforts are sincerely appreciated.