Question: Comodo License Agreement


The following license term can be found in the License Agreement for the Comodo Firewall (also for the Comodo Backup, maybe for other Comodo products as well):

  1. Limited License Grant: … license to use the COMODO Firewall Pro Software on one computer at one location

(asterisk emphasis mine).

So, it seems, the product cannot be used freely on notebooks. A notebook is usually used at more than one location. Any comments/opinions/interpretations?

While a notebook can be used in many locations it can only ever be used in one location at a time. This is quite common wording, I’ve seen it in numerous EULAs. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Ewen :slight_smile:


I have passed this on to our legal team who may decide to change it in the future.

For now, ‘one computer’ refers to any single computer, portable or not.
In essence, one license per machine.


a Laptop is always in one location :slight_smile:


What does the “one computer at one location” from EULA exactly mean?

Is it a limit per user at a corporation/institution or per corporation/institution as a whole?

I want to install the COMODO AntiVirus, Firewall and Anti-Malware for me and 3 of my colleagues at the university where I work. Each one of us has 1-3 Windows machines, including laptops.

What is the limitation to the number of instalations we are allowed for, per each software product?

Sorry but the EULA is quite unclear for me (non-native English).


you can install it in many machines. Its a legal term to make sure we don’t have people abusing our good name.


Thanks for you reply.

What Comodo product do you mean by “it”? Or do you mean them all?

Also, I don’t understand what a “license to use the COMODO Firewall Pro Software on one computer at one location” has to do with Comodo’s good name. If you could elaborate, I would be really grateful.

This sentence is really puzzling to me and I have to make absolutely sure from somebody knowledgable if installing COMODO AntiVirus, Firewall and Anti-Malware for me and 3 of my work mates, on several machines, complies with the EULA.

To comply to the strictest interpretation of the EULA, if you want to have a Comodo product installed on three PCs, you should do three separate downloads. If you want to have three Comodo products installed on three Pcs, that’s nine downloads. For three additional PCs, multiply by three.

As I said, this is by the strictest interpretation. Comodo are covering their butts with the lawyer-speak, and the separate downloads help them track the number of installs of their software.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank, Ewen. If Comodo staff agrees with your interpretation there is nothing to worry about for me. That’d be sweet. Could a responsible Comodo employee please confirm your words? (I understand that Ewen is not a Comodo employee. Correct me please if I’m wrong.)

Thanks much to everyone in this thread for their time and bearing with my over-caution.



You can use it on any type of computer (e.g notebook, laptop, server, workstation, desktop, etc.)


i’m using comodo antivirus beta 2.0 since i’ve entered in a non-lucrative company (february), with computers spread all across Portugal, all of them using that version.

what I need to know is, now that the antivirus is part of CIS and i’m getting messages all across the offices to update until 20th november, does CIS continues to be free to use? can I upgrade comodo antivirus without fear of breaking the EULA?


Hi maikkano,

CIS is free and you are able to migrate all your CAVS 2 BETA users to the latest version.

Please note that there is no standalone version of the antivirus. It is an integral component of the Comodo Internet Security suite, but you can select to not install the firewall component. Deselecting the firewall will install the antivirus/spyware. The other components are actually written to your hard disk but they are not activated.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I wonder how many machines can I install Internet Security Pro, in case you buy it? I currently use McAfee Total Protection, which has a cost very similar to the product of you, and I can use it on up to 3 machines. :slight_smile:

Quoting from a PM from Melih (the CEO):

Of course the CEO could be wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

afaik, you can use it for your home…which means all your PCs at home…(i think…)


You would think the CEO would be sure :P.

Kidding :D.

Anyway, this should be made clear on the CIS website.

The COMODO license agreement says something approximately like this:

A contract between COMODO and an … Individual or Business Entity
This seems to say a small business may be ok.

May only be used by a … Non-Commercial Entity
This seems to say a small business is not ok.

May I use the COMODO free products in a small business.

Also your spell checker needs to be taught that “comodo” is properly spelled.

License agreement for which product??