Question - comodo cleaning essentials

I just removed CIS to do a clean install.

and both CIS and Secure shopping is in add/remove programs, but shouldn’t Comodo cleaning essentials be in there too?
I am pretty sure i removed 1 other Comodo thing after i uninstalled CIS and Secure Shopping.

Comodo internet security essentials?

Comodo cleaning essentials does not install on computer.

Comodo Internet security essentials doesn’t come with CIS does it? if it does i can’t find it.

i am pretty sure it was Comodo Cleaning Essentials, could it have gotten installed that way from a previous version? and not get removed on upgrade/removal of CIS.

CCE is installed in the same directory where CIS is installed, so if you uninstall CIS then CCE is removed as well. CCE does not get automatically installed until you run certain CIS tasks, e.g. watch activity, clean endpoint, in which you will be asked to download and install additional packages.

i am just pretty sure i had CCE in add/remove programs, and also in the comodo folder.

and i know i removed some other comodo program after i uninstalled cis and secure shopping, that isn’t there after i installed cis again.

also CCE didn’t ask for anything when i opened after i reinstalled CIS it just opened/started, didn’t ask to install anything.

CCE does not have an entry in control panel so you may be referring to Internet Security Essentials or Secure Shopping.

I think its Comodo Internet Security Essentials.

Because thats on the list of programs that will be restored. if i go to system restore and click on “search for affected programs”

i just don’t remember installing it.