question about updating comodo

I notice that unlike mwb, or superantispyware(yes i know they arent firewalls), comodo never has any updates available. I see the update button on the task menu(the green one) and it ALWAYS says im up to date. Idk if it’s due to the cloud updates or what idk lol.

if you just have comodo firewall installed checking for updates will check for program updates.

It should, but it doesn’t. I have version 5.12.xx and when I check for updates, Comodo states that “Your product is currently up-to-date”. The latest version is 6., so my product is not up to date.

Comodo has not yet pushed version 6.x to 5.x users. Why? I don’t really know anymore.

So many users appeared to prefer V5.x, I presume this is why the push never went ahead.

Still I doubt a high percentage of CIS 5.x users check the forum and hence don’t know that CIS 6.x is out (And soon CIS 7!) At least Comodo could push a new version of 5.12.x that shows a message explaining the situation. Is there any official information of 5.x users vs 6.x users?

Edit: Or perhaps they’ve done this through the Comodo Message Center? But how many people have that active? Actually was it even a part of CISs 5.x? ???

Not that I am aware of, but I guess Comodo would have a better idea.

Version 5 does have a message center in the preferences section, it comes default/enabled. I can not recall ever receiving a message like in version 6 tho, but I never checked the option to show balloon messages - default/disabled.

I think it has been posted somewhere that a message was received, will see if I can find it.