Question about this parent program feature

I have a question about this parent program feature. I will give an example:

I already added Firefox as trusted program. But when I start FF, CPF will popup a warning for some program, like Nero. The warning says that Nero put a hook into some dll file and will try to use explore.exe (which is the parent program for FF) to access internet if I run FF.

If I deny, FF will get banned and I can’t get online anymore. But if I allow, will Nero get online even if I don’t want it to? What should I choose now? :THNK

This does not only happen to FF. It happened with many other programs, such as Thunderbird, IM, etc.

Thanks in advance.

That is a bug in CFP. Nero probably don’t want to go online. It’s a bug…
The only thing you can do to keep Firefox connected, is to allow it. Remember that you should not tick the remember box, since it’s not a real attempt and you don’t want a rule made for it.

I wish Comodo would fix this, TODAY, and not tomorrow… since it’s a really annoying and confusing thing for a lot of users. It’s also really bad for security reasons.
This should be put in front of HIPS and other new features they are working on.

thanks for the quick reply. I will wait for Comodo to fix it. (B)