Question about the forums[RESOLVED]

When someone replies to a post, how come the whole thread isn’t moved to the top of the list?

If I reply to an old post it should move it to the top of the list to let people know it has a new reply.

I’m just curious why the forums don’t work this way, instead it seems like older posts don’t get attention even if new replies are given.

Hi, I understand what you mean but this is probably why when we check our “show new replies to our posts” it’s usually in there no matter how old. If the post begins getting more attention, it seems to move up. The less replies, the further back it goes. Also, older replies, well, many of them simply don’t hold water to current issues or problems. This is one reason I am creating a post with current issues and issues that still may apply. Albeit I took a break until tomorrow and this next week should be catching up on it. ;D The newer ones do get the attention due to the above mentioned plus many users who started them may not be on the forum, simply not interrested in re-hashing that topic, etc…there are many reasons. :wink:

Hope this helps some,


Thank you. I did not see that before. :-[

You are very welcome. :slight_smile: