Question about the 3.0.8 beta[CLOSED]

I’ve recently got it and have a little question (Runs great other than that):

It asks me to allow things like running .exe files and similar. I often don’t press the ‘Apply to all’ (or whatever that button says, I forgot, lol) because I don’t want to make libraries of stuff that I run one time and then forget about it.

Now problem is that I often use a file or something more than once, but something keeps me back from making Comodo remember it. I need you to break a myth for me: Remembering those files won’t cause any CPU or RAM impact on my Comodo firewall, is that correct? :confused:

hi, i’m using CFP 2.4.
i’ve done a lot of “remembering” and so far i don’t notice any impact on my computer. but surely if you choose you don’t wanna “remember” anything, it will impact your patience ;D.


It hasnt for me. (:WAV)

One of my test systems has over 650 remembered EXEs (yes, I actually sat down and counted them one by one to test just this scenario) on it and I honestly can’t spot a speed decrease. There would undoubtedly be one, as it would have to search through more and more rules to approve a remembered app, but the overhead must be miniscule.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

you have enough idle time to do that?!?!?! cool.

To save you the trouble of counting them all again next time, click View → Status Bar. It will tell you how many files were found in the status bar at the foot of the Search window. :wink:

I don’t mean how many EXEs I had on the system in total - there’s waaaaaay more than that. I meant how many individual EXEs I have manually added to the firewalls monitor listing.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It wasn’t idle time, it was part of a major implementation of CFP across a large LAN and we had to document ABSOLUTELY everything that the firewall touched so the base workstation image could be certified. Pain in the bum, btu it was interesting to see how little lag was induced even on a heavy remember list like this.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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