Question about Secure DNS and my ISP

Recently my son left very inappropriate comment on his school friends biog. His family is very furious and wants to sue. Apologies were not accepted.
I am using Comodo secure DNS as third party DNS provider.
My question is very simple. Can ISP list that this SPECIFIC PAGE on was visited at that moment and from our IP address or they can log only IP address of I know they usually can and do log URLs but there is something specific here….I’am using Comodo secure DNS. Some people say that provider only logs IP address of sites you visited if you use third party DNS provider and some that they can see and log full URL. This is very important for me so please help.
Thanks in advance

This isn’t a DNS issue, all DNS does is map the domain name to an IP address. so the fact that you’re using Comodo Secure DNS is neither here nor there. Comodo Secure DNS may have logged the date and time at which the address mapping was requested but I somehow doubt that.

Your ISP will most certainly have logged the IP address and port number your son visited and the time, I very much doubt they would log info on web pages visited at that IP address though. However almost certainly will have logged everything your son did whilst on their site, including I’m quite sure, a log of the comment.

Since we’re talking legal stuff here, this advice is my personal opinion only and you should not base any actions upon it. Fair enough?