question about removing comodo

If I remove Comodo from my computer, will programs in the sand box run again without limitations?

Are you talking about Comodo Internet Security (CIS)?

If you’re having problems with programs running correctly you can add them to your safe file list by selecting the option to not run the application in the sandbox again from the sandbox popup.

My wife finds the sand box management confusing. I don’t blame her. Yes we want to completely remove CIS and use something simpler. My concern is only that sand boxed programs will run as they would if they had not been sand boxed after removal of CIS. That is what we want.

Yes they will. The restrictions on the files were placed there by CIS and when it’s gone they will go back to normal.

Also, with this new version I find it pretty easy to configure so that you will get very few things sandboxed. Just make sure you don’t have any malware floating around on your computer:
How to check if your computer is infected

Then go through opening every program you can think of and when the sandbox alert pops up choose to not run the program in the sandbox again. You will not receive another popup for it and it will just be allowed from now on. In this way everything currently on your computer will be trusted and you shouldn’t get any popups for it, but new unknown applications added to the computer will still be sandboxed. It depends on how many programs you will be installing whether this will become too cumbersome.

Can you please let me know what is still too confusing about the current version of CIS so that I can add it to the wishlist and hopefully the next version will be even easier to use?


Thanks for the info. What is confusing is the pop up alert, it is difficult to know if the program is legitimately dangerous or questionable, and what action to take except the default. We think it should be more intuitive. At least the first time it pops up after installation, there should be a clear explanation of the options, and what to do if you make the wrong choice.
Thanks again.