Question about product subscriptions

Last year I purchased the license for CIS Complete. Today I noticed that I have 83 days left on my license. On the other hand, I subscribed to PC Tune Up a couple of months ago and had to purchase a license. I have 300 days left on that license.

My question is this:

If I don’t renew my subscription to CIS Complete, will I still be able to get help from Geek Buddy for issues? Or will that service only apply to the issues that I find via PC Tune Up?

Thank You

Support for Comodo sometimes to answers not only for those users who have a license.
I think the best help - this is a forum Comodo.

Geek Buddy should solve global (infected PC, etc.) problems if using the licensed product. ( I think).

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for the reply. I still have a lot of questions about PC Tune Up and its effectiveness. Sometimes I wonder if the Geek Buddy Techs know what to do with the program. Twice in a row, they’ve left issues unresolved with the simple explanation that they weren’t really a problem. I’m hoping to see more from Comodo in regards to the product.

Look topic for (about) PcTuneUp.